Stay the Course

How would you characterize the season of life you are in presently? Is it fulfilling, difficult, mediocre, or a combination? I grew up a farm boy. Farmers do different work in different seasons. There are seasons for planting, for resting, for fertilizing, and for harvesting. There is a lot of preparatory work required in order [...]

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Make your present season a springboard

Every year in Pennsylvania, after a long winter, spring arrives. This is a season of new opportunities. During springtime, flowers blossom and creatures come out of their hibernation. This same reality applies to our personal life. After we go through a challenging time, God will open the door to new opportunities. It is our privilege [...]

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In the dirt

If you are experiencing any difficult transitions, conflict, grief, or struggle, I have a secret to share with you. Do you know where seeds begin to sprout? In the dirt. Dirt holds a certain magic, cradling new life. In fact, our past mistakes, heartaches, and any tension we may feel right now in our present [...]

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