What will the money be used for?

DOVE Global Partners empower kingdom projects and new initiatives worldwide. Your financial contribution will be directly used to provide resources to evangelize, make disciples and start churches globally. It will help implement community transformation, provide training for leaders, facilitate media communication of the gospel globally, care for widows and orphans and provide food for the hungry.

May I give electronically?

Yes. You may give by automatic credit card payments or automatic direct deposit. If you mark the appropriate button on the sign-up form our office will contact you for your direct deposit information or permission to charge your credit card monthly for the amount you specify.

Do I have to give monthly?

No. DOVE Global Partners may give monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You will receive a monthly news update.

Do I have to give a minimum amount?

No. You will be considered a DOVE Global Partner with any regular donation. The amount of $30/month is for those who desire to give a dollar a day.

Does my DOVE Global Partners contribution replace my tithe?

No…scripturally your tithe should be given to your local church. This is a core value for DOVE International. Contributions to DOVE Global Partners should be an offering above your 10% tithe to your local church. For more on the difference between tithing and giving please consult Biblical Foundations book 10 God’s Perspective on Finances here.

Will my DOVE Global Partner donations be used for operating expenses?

Less than 5% of your gift will be used for the administrative expenses of operating DOVE Global Partners.