Gift of Assets

When you make a non-cash gift to DOVE International, you play a vital part in caring for the many needs within the DOVE family around the world and the U.S. You can gift personal property like vehicles, jewelry, coin collections, commodities and more. When these items are donated through our partnership with National Christian Foundation or Everence, DOVE can use them to direct funds where needed most.

Give assets such as bank accounts, investments including appreciated stock, real estate, business interest and personal property, including use of a donor advised fund.

  • Stock/Bonds
  • Real Estate
  • Business interests
  • Personal Property
  • Bank Accounts

If you have any questions about non-cash giving, would like to arrange your gift over the phone, or prefer to donate items directly to DOVE, please contact us at  call 717.627.1996. Our team will be happy to discuss how your items could support and help further our work around the globe in Jesus’ Name.

Contact Us about Asset Giving

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DOVE International recommends that you discuss financial matters with your financial, tax and legal advisors when making decisions regarding your specific circumstances.