Given by Dale Mast at the International Leadership Conference on May 1, 2021

Prophecy for DOVE International and Leaders

What I want to do is prophesy over the DOVE network and literally what God wants to do. And I just was waiting on the Lord and I was asking him to show me a couple of things. So I have a couple of things. When I start to flow he shows me more. He never gives me it all until I start to move. It’s called a walk with him in the prophetic. Ok? So just get your spirit ready to receive.

I prophesy that out of DOVE will come leaders of fire evangelists, teachers, prophets, pastors, apostles, and they will always have a desire to see the world saved, to see the church walk in the glory that Jesus saved them for. I want to remind all of us what we’ve been saved for is greater than what we’ve been saved from. I want to know what he’s saved you for and I believe this: there’s an anointing on DOVE to take people into that glory that Jesus died for in the name of Jesus.

And I heard this very strange word. I don’t just say this; I don’t know if this is the second time I’ve ever said it in my life. I felt like God was going to release a million-dollar gift, but millions who give a gift of the same. You hear what I’m saying? So I’m just releasing it and if you’re here and you feel led, give it. It would be nice to give the check before you leave. Seriously there are people giving out millions like you and me giving a hundred dollars. I don’t relate to that but there are people—that’s the way they live, so I believe that somebody is going to give for a part of the particular vision. I felt it was going to empower a part of a vision that God has put in your heart and the Lord said, “This is going to be a time when provision comes to vision but the vision is taking on new wings like an eagle.”

And the Lord said, “There’s a strength coming over this network in the next five years of doubling,” and the Lord said, “You’re going to see (even I felt like I saw) 13 other nations being added.” And God said, “You’re going to press into another dimension,” and the Lord said, “There are dreams you’ve had that have not been fulfilled, man of God.” But this is going to be the time God is gonna literally honor the four decades of prayer. And he’s going to cause there to be fire in this house and the Lord said, “Don’t just expect there to be growth; expect there to be explosive revival. “

And I just want to prophesy over the leaders of DOVE International that are out there. You’re about to get more fire; you’re about to go back to the burning bush; you’re about to go into the first love. I felt this: God encounters, visitations—literally in this room—I saw the spirit of God wrapping around people like Jacob. God’s saying, “You must come up here. I’m going to show you what’s going to come.” You may feel like you’re fleeing from Esau, but God’s telling you about when you come back about the promise and I want to remind all of us Jacob fulfilled the dream of his grandfather. Israel is not the name of Jacob; Israel’s the name of Abraham’s dream. And so Father I release the Abraham anointing and I just want to humbly lay hands. I release Abraham and a Sarah anointing and this is what I heard God say: “Even woman of God you’re going to birth beyond your years.” And we’re talking about the spirit. And the Lord said, “There’s going to be spiritual children. There’s an anointing to bring people even help other mothers birth even children in other nations, and this is going to be a birthing,” and the Lord said, “This is going to be a time where the seed grows and produces much fruit.” And Father we just thank you for that anointing right now. We thank you for that.

I felt like I saw three angels walk up behind you and I felt like God said, “These three angels are for three different parts of the vision.” I have no idea but I just saw three angels, three parts of the vision, I don’t even know how that works or it’s maybe five points but three are about angelic help. And I just thank you Father God in the name of Jesus for the wind of the anointing that comes from heaven that shifts earth into a breakthrough, Lord, that it causes the plans of the enemy come to an end. In Jesus’ mighty name. I want us to just give God a hand clap. Hallelujah! We bless you in Jesus’ name.

Prophecy for the Nations


I saw the oil of God coming over you—fresh anointing that’s going to be astounding, and miracles, and literally the power of God.


I saw like an army of angels going over that nation and God said, “There’s a harvest that hasn’t yet been reached. You’re about to see a harvest in evangelism.” And I saw young firey evangelists going in and reaching a generation that belonged to them age-wise.


I see you like Jacob. You’re going to wrestle with God until you receive the blessing of what was promised. And there’s an anointing on you like Jacob to actually prevail with God. And you’re not going to let go of Him until he blesses you.


I felt like the Lord said, “This is going to be a time of covering for you.” The glory of God is coming over you as a nation, as a mantle and a covering. And the Lord said, “When you lift your hands in worship, you’re going to release fresh rain that will even affect America.”


There is a river of revival running through a dry riverbed that is about to overflow and create a “now” anointing. I felt like this: there’s even economic growth coming because of the prayers of the church in Colombia.

Democratic Republic of Congo

I felt like I saw you running in the spirit of Elijah, and God said, “I’m giving you authority to even break open the heavens.” There’s an anointing over you like Elijah. And I say this: you will hear it but you will have to pray it in, and the anointing is there to do it.


I felt like when I looked at you I saw you on your knees, and God said, “Because you’ve come before me on your knees,” the Lord said, “I’ve heard your prayers.” And the Lord said, “I’m starting to even shake the church with my life, and there’s going to be a new move of my spirit in my people.” And the Lord said, “Get ready to see the shaking—the second shaking of Acts of boldness, of bold anointing.”


I saw you raising your hand in worship. There is a Judah anointing coming over you, Haiti, that’s going to plow into the future. There are songs that are going to be written out of your group that are going to open up the heavens, and I thank you God for this.

South Central Asia

I saw the Lord say, “It’s harvest time” and “It’s time to bring in the harvest.” And I saw this training is going to be a reigning anointing there’s going to be training and literally that Timothy mantle that’s coming from Paul the apostle. The Lord said Pauls with have Timothys especially in South Central Asia.


I felt like I saw you step into the river of God, and it wasn’t just knee-deep, waist-deep; the Lord said you’re going into the living waters of God that flow from the holy place. Lord we release that.


I heard this: you’re going behind the veil of the temple into the presence of Almighty God. You’re going in and getting answers from heaven. And I felt this: there’s a glory that’s about to come around the church, and there’s new strength and new life, because there’s actually going to be miracle visitations of the Lord’s presence in that nation.

The Himalayas

I saw you singing a song, and I saw notes coming out, and when these songs were coming out it was like Jehosephat’s victory. God said, “As you worship me, I will turn the battle, and I will open up the doors to your future.” I felt like this: there’s notes you’re going to be singing.


I felt like God said, “This is going to be a time of laying down in the green pastures restoring soul. I saw a lot of inner healing going through all the Netherlands, and God said, “Out of this is going to come great strength.” And the Lord said, “It’s going to be like a Samson anointing—an unusual strength—because of the Nazerite vow that’s coming out of this rest.” Father God, we thank you for that in Jesus’ name.


I saw you like a lighthouse, and God said, “There’s a light that’s going to draw many.” And the Lord said, “In it you’re going to be a lighthouse to other nations in that continent.” Peru, the Lord said, “You are a lighthouse with great treasures that have been untapped in the spirit realm.” And I saw a real teacher anointing coming out of Peru. And I just I really feel like that’s going to be a very strong gift in Peru.


I just heard a rattling in the spirit and God said, “Those dry bones will live.” And you’re going to start prophesying and seeing a reconnection and the life of God coming over the Philippines. And some of you that look and said “well this is dead and that’s dead”—God said, “Prophesy and release the breath of the Lord into those dry bones.” There’s another wave of revival coming to the Philippines and I saw literally millions of people coming under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and the fire of God is over that nation.


I heard like there was this sound that was almost like bells ringing and I thought What is that? and the Lord said, “It’s the bells attached to the priestly robe that went into the Holy of Holies.” God said, “I’m dressing you as priests to enter in and to get answers for the people.” And the Lord said, “There’s going to be such a priestly anointing.” I don’t understand this but we know Jesus and there’s a Melchizedek anointing that is resting on that nation in Jesus’ name.


I just saw you beginning to dance. And God said, “Scotland is about to dance over into another whole expression of glory,” and the Lord said, “There have been many revivals there, but the greatest one is yet to come.” And the Lord said, “There’s getting ready to be a new wine poured literally over Scotland.”

South Africa

I saw everything—I can’t explain it, but I felt like God said, “I’m flipping the church upside down.” And I saw all these when it turned upside down it looked like a treasure chest and gifts were falling out of it, and God said, “This is going to be a time, South Africa, gifts are being poured out of the church.” And I saw it falling on the land, and it blessed the people, and the Lord said, “There is a rumbling in the heavens because of the worship of my people.” And I saw even actually different groups coming together (that didn’t normally) really worshiping and something was broken that opened the heavens. So Father we thank you for their unity and worship and authority.


I heard this, that there is a purple robe that’s coming over you and you’re going to know the kingly anointing that’s on that nation, and God said, “I’m going to cause the leaders of that land to bring new confidence to the people, and this is going to be a time where honor is given.” And I felt this: “honor” is going to be the word in Uganda that actually opens up the church to grow to the next level.


I felt like the Father said, “I’m getting ready to prepare the nation for that which has been dreamed.” And the Lord said, “I want to use this nation as a springboard of unity, and that’s why the devil has devoured that issue.” I saw literally four rivers, and they started to cross one another, and then they started flowing in two and then I saw them flowing as one. And God said, “North, south, east, and west, I’m bringing the rivers together.” And I felt like these even represented some theological differences. And God said, “I will not even let politics divide by body because my blood runs deeper than a party.” The Lord said, “This is going to be a time of amazing grace,” and the Lord said, “Don’t wait until…. Now is your day. America, rise up, and worship with a new purpose.” I really felt like God said, “I’m tearing off the rags of the last season, and I’m putting a mantle that cannot be divided like the one Jesus wore.” We cannot be divided. We release it in Jesus’ name. Everybody in America said amen.

Southeast Asia

Because you have been praying in the secret place, God’s about to do some explosive things in the nations. Because you have prayed and interceded when nobody else took note, God says, “I have watched, and I’m giving favor to the churches in Southeast Asia.” And I felt like I saw God gathering all these different leaders around a big table, and they were having a communion service, and the presence of the Lord was so strong that visions and dreams and angelic visitations were being released into Southeast Asia.


I saw that God has given you like the sword of David. And the Lord said, “You’ll not be afraid, but you’ve taken literally from the enemy that which he tried to come against you with,” and the Lord said, “It’s going to be representative of victories of the past that open up the future.” David never used that sword literally, but he carried it. I feel like God’s saying, “Remember the victories I’ve given you in the past. Go forward expecting to rule and reign in new realms of authority.” We release that over Zambia.


I felt like I saw this big bread basket and I felt this: God said, “I’m giving you the word to feed the nations even around you.” And the Lord said, “I’ve made you a nation rich with the word of God and you’re going to share the word.” And the Lord said, “As you share the word it’s actually going to change some of the economic of the earth; it’s going to cause a blessing to come.” And I felt this: get ready for a double crop. There’s a double harvest in the natural, but also in the spirit that there would be many blessings on the land in Mozambique.


I felt like the Lord was putting a trumpet to your mouth, and God said, “In the church there’s going to be declarations that start shifting the future of the church, and it’s going to give a new realm of authority and glory that starts drawing people to the Kingdom of God.” There’s an anointing—a breakthrough—being given to the church of Cuba as they declare the word of the Lord.


First of all, I saw Tanzania being picked up by the Father’s arms, but then I saw the Father’s arms in Tanzania and God said, “I’ve given the church there the father’s arms to break the orphan spirit.” And there will be many sons and daughters raised up in Tanzania because of that anointing.


I felt like you have been known for the land of natural oil but God says you will be known for the anointing oil. And there’s oil for healing and there’s oil for restoration in the church and God said, “What was in the land I’ll also put within the church.” And there’s a supernatural favor you have with Father God because you’ve been faithful.



Northwest Africa

I felt like there is literally going to be a gathering unto the Lord’s presence, and you know like they would come up at the different feasts? I felt like there was going to be a major gathering in Northwest Africa that was going to mobilize the church to the next level.


I did speak over Kenya already. I did, I bless for those missionaries in Kenya. I just say Father God, give them keys to the doors of destiny for that nation.


I felt like Germany was going to stand and see the salvation of God. I felt there’s an anointing; you’re going to stand, you’re not going to be moved, but you’ll believe God and watch how God moves.


I just keep seeing this clock and God said, “You’re coming into the timing of God.” I felt like it says “in the fullness of time Jesus came,” and there’s been a waiting and a sensing, but the Lord said, “Australia is getting ready to have a third wave revival.” I don’t even know how many but I just heard “third wave revival” and the Lord I thank you, it’s going to go all the way into the youth back up to even the older generations.

New Zealand

I saw the seal of the Holy Spirit being put over the nation, and God said, “The purposes I’ve set you apart for (like Judah), there’s a seal of anointing over New Zealand and there are songs that will come out of you that will refresh the nations.”


You know when I think about them I think of the mountains. And but I think about the Lord is in His holy mountain. The Lord is in His holy mountain. And like Moses, you’re going to know how to go up and get direction, how to go into the promise land. You’re going to come down carrying more glory than you thought just like Moses. There’s a glory coming over the Himalayas.