One hundred years ago, average life expectancy was forty-eight years of age. Today, it is eighty. Many today live into their 90s and some to over 100 years of age. It has been proven that the most productive and fulfilling years of life are now our 60’s. The second most fulfilling years of life occur in our 70’s.  And the third most fulfilling period of life is in our 50’s. Amazing! So do not get stuck feeling down about your present season of life, because there are many more seasons to come. How we live today prepares us for our future.

After the first 60 years of learning life’s lessons, our 60’s and 70s should be a time for helping others understand and embrace their seasons. I meet so many people who are in a winter season of life, perhaps a mid-life crisis, where things did not turn out the way they expected. Embrace your present season and learn all you can, so you are prepared for your most productive years ahead. Now is the time of God’s favor (II Corinthians 6:2).


About Larry Kreider

Larry has spent the past four decades training leaders to make disciples with the small group concept. Larry serves as the international director of DOVE International, a worldwide network of over 1,000 churches in 26 nations. Larry has written more than 40 books and travels extensively teaching and imparting practical discipleship to leaders globally. Read about Larry or catch up on Larry’s blog.