Wells for Rural Villages

Many villages in India do not have clean drinking water. The local water is typically polluted, dirty, and foul tasting. Families often travel far distances to access clean drinking water.

We have many rural villages that urgently need deep borewells. Each 400-meters-deep borewell requires $1,600. Will you help us bless and support these rural communities? Not only will this provide families with clean water, but it also enables us to share the love of Jesus.

The state where we are working in North India has 28 million people. Only 0.09% of these people are Christians, making it the least-evangelized state in India. Of its 7,000 villages, 4,000 still lack a Christian presence. God has given us a vision and passion to reach this state with the gospel. Through persecution, and financial crisis, our team is moving forward.

Help us reach our goal of 100 new churches as we share Jesus’ love through these wells

Our goal is to plant 100 new churches in rural North India. Our missionary team has identified and adopted 100 villages where there are no Christians at all. We are sending ten new Indian missionary families who have graduated from our Bible school to the mission field to achieve this goal.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

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