Every nation, tribe, people, and language standing before the throne.


Session 1: Simon Eng

Session 2 | DOVE Talk: José Humberto

Session 2 | DOVE Talk: Kevin Kazemi

Session 3: Larry and LaVerne Kreider

Session 4: Merle Shenk

Session 5: Simon Eng

Session 6 | DOVE  Talk: Pedro Filho Moreira

Session 6 | DOVE  Talk: McClinton Porter

Session 6 | DOVE  Talk: Violet Odindo

Session 7: Barry Wissler and Commissioning

“What an amazing time we had together at ILC 2023 with leaders from around the world. I really needed to be here at this conference to be refilled, refreshed and to refocus myself with fresh rhema words to be able to be part of the building of God’s kingdom. I thank God for what He has done in my life during the conference.”

Leader from south central Asia


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Kerina Omondi’s Healing Journey

“During the conference the Lord ministered to me uniquely through the guest speaker Simon Eng from Malaysia. I was reminded that I can still “dare” again to serve God despite previous challenges. I am now more equipped to serve with new momentum.”

Kennedy Nunda, Restoration Community Church, Kenya



Imposter Syndrome: Recognizing and Refuting Its Power in Our Lives – Rawan Shrum

Partnering across Generations
Ibrahim Omondi, Simon Ruwa and José Humberto