Other DOVE family giving opportunities

The DOVE global family of churches and ministries partners with ministries in the nations. Here are ministries that we recommend and are privileged to partner along side.

AFRICA: Transformation

Bringing the refreshing power of God’s love to the nations of Africa. Our vision is a people with renewed minds, empowered to bring a revival of healing and hope to Africa and from Africa to the world

BULGARIA: Tanev Talk Show 

Danail and Nora Tanev host an on-line talk show that reaches thousands of Bulgarians, both believers and non-believers, in over 60 nations. They are a Christian voice in Bulgaria on the topics of dating, relationships and family.

GUATEMALA:  Education for a Brighter Future

Centro Educativo Getsemaní is a private Christian school that serves 600 student with education for a brighter future.

INTERNATIONAL Leaders Travel Fund

Sponsor an international leader to the International Leadership Conference


Based on the three-part strategy of prayer, training, and income generation, this facilities will be used to empower leaders

KENYA: Widows’ Farm

The Widows Farm helps a needy community and  surrounding areas in Western Kenya.