Pray for DOVE Mission International

DOVE staff and leadership team

Pray for DMI director Peter Bunton and Hillary Vargas, assistant. The DMI leadership team includes Peter Bunton, Janet Sauder, Stephanie Sauder, Cheree Shenk, Wes Dudley, Nancy Shirk, Elizabeth Vanderhorst, and Josie Wilson.

Pray for people to be called to serve as long-term missionaries. Pray for the restarting of short-term mission teams at the end of 2021. Pray also for young people to join our mission internship program and serve overseas for six months.

Ryan & Clarissa Abbott
Australia Outreach


  • for us as a family, that we would grow in love for each other and that as a family we would walk in the ways of the Lord.
  • that we would hear the Lord on what to do, how to do it, and that we will see His goodness and faithfulness in our ministries.
  • our location. The last few years with COVID have been tough for missionaries and their locations. Pray that as we go forward, we will be filled with faith and hope for what God has for us.

Peter & Ruth Ann Bunton
Director, DMI

Pray for Peter as he leads DOVE Mission International, supports missionaries and arranges teams and projects. Pray for new ways to help churches engage in overseas ministry. Pray for Ruth Ann as she provides spiritual direction ministry to individuals and is also involved in supporting workers in other nations.

Daniel & Katrina Harper
Fire and Fragrance

Please pray:

  • for safety on the roads and health in our bellies.
  • that our move with the team to a new city would go smoothly, and that we can find a home and the team can find a base.
  • for our Bible translation projects and building connections with people of peace.
  • for our first translation project that starts in December 2022.
  • that our love for God and each other would grow.

Jeff & Tonya Hoglen
Mission Philippines
The Philippines

Jeff and Tonya will (finally!) be relocating from the US to the Philippines in July 2022. This is a transition by faith. While we know God is sending us, we will arrive without our own housing and no vehicle. Please pray that the Lord would lead us to these important needs.

While our local church has been generous in our supporting us with our monthly financial needs, this will not cover outreach, in-country missions, and church planting within the DOVE Philippines church planting movement. Please pray that people would come alongside us to support these efforts by prayer and giving financially.

As we plant the church, please pray for laborers of similar hearts, mind, and faith that will eventually become leaders within the new church.

Joetta Keefer
Hands of Hope
Pennsylvania, USA

Please pray for:

  • more shelters or apartments for the homeless
  • safety for those living on the street (protection from violence)
  • the homeless population to stay healthy, particularly from COVID-19
  • many to experience a living relationship with Jesus.

Bill & Val Landis
Caribbean Youth Mission
USA and Caribbean

After serving and living in the Caribbean for most of their past 35 years, pray for understanding and wisdom as Bill and Val continue their missionary service based in Pennsylvania. They are serving in the development and leadership of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Lancaster while still being resource elders to YWAM Caribbean leaders and ministries. Pray for wisdom as they coach/mentor other missionaries and as they develop the cross-cultural center at YWAM Lancaster.

Elnie & Ashley Ottow
Bethesda House
South Africa

Please pray for:

  • health, rest, and safety for the Ottow family as they minister in Cape Town through Bethesda House.
  • an increase of God’s presence in their midst and that their team would know how to steward God’s presence in the region so many will come to know Him and follow their callings.
  • greater international influence for the gospel with Bethesda House’s online ministry.
  • unity among the prophetic community in the Cape Town metro area.
  • more prayer and financial supporters to come alongside the Ottows.

David & Alissa Smith
Hope to the Pacific
New Zealand

Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, Dave and Alissa work alongside YWAM Furnace and YWAM Ships Aotearoa. They serve on the leadership team at YWAM Furnace and help in the areas of prayer, worship, pastoral care, and mercy ministries. Pray for wisdom and strategy for helping to guide these ministries in this complicated season. Pray for New Zealanders to experience revival and discover their purpose and callings. Pray also for favor on the Smiths’ application for residency.

Joel & Marion Smucker
South Africa Outreach
South Africa

Our youth group has grown in number, and we also have seen a need to start a young adult group. Please pray for more hands to help us.

The senior youth have stepped up in helping and teaching the junior youth group. Pray that the older youth continue to grow and hunger to dig deep in the Word.

Justin & Rawan Shrum
The Justice Project

Our work to provide assistance through our counseling centers, the safe house, and recovery program are running strong despite setbacks caused by the pandemic. Please pray that nothing would hinder our victim identification efforts. Pray against limitations in providing tangible help to survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Gene & Bethanie Stevenson
Oasis Southwest
Arizona, USA

Pray for:

Housing: The cost of living in Flagstaff continues to pose a challenge for us. Our goal remains to own property in the Flagstaff area with which to exercise hospitality and care for visitors of all kinds. Specifically, we would love to provide a place for ministry leaders to relax, renew, and refresh amongst the creation of the desert Southwest. Please pray for the resources, wisdom, and opportunity to make this happen.

Community: We’re thankful for increased opportunities to cultivate relationships here in Flagstaff now that COVID restrictions have been lifted. Please pray that the Lord would guide us as we encourage others and share life with them in the midst of daily challenges.

Ministry: Pray for Beth as she continues to use her gifts as a therapist. Pray for Gene as he networks with Native American Christian ministers and organizations and as he writes his doctoral dissertation.

Missionaries in creative access nations

Pray for DMI missionaries who serve in creative access nations. Pray for their safety, as they live in places that do not want the gospel to be proclaimed. Pray for creativity in presenting Jesus. Pray for close friendships and discipleship networks to form. Pray for the new believers’ safety as well.