No longer an island but a part of a family

By Matthew and Bethany Zang

Although we were not a DOVE church plant, we are now part of the DOVE family through adoption. In June 1999, some faithful believers and I planted a new work in Duncannon, Pennsylvania. We stepped out in faith and obedience to follow God’s purpose, and He brought us a long way. However, we faced many challenges because we had no denomination or church planting agency to assist us. All we had was faith and the call of God.

With God’s help, we were able to plant a church. But I knew I needed counsel and wisdom from others to mature my calling and ministry. I longed for it but did not know where it could be found.

Nearly ten years after having planted the church, I was reading The Biblical Role of Elders for Today’s Church. I sensed the still small voice of the Spirit say to me, “You need to partner with DOVE International.” Not knowing anything about DOVE International, I did not pursue it. However, in November of 2013, I was reading another book published through DOVE:  FiveFold Ministry Made Practical. Again, I heard the still small voice of the Spirit of God, “Align yourself with DOVE International.”

This time I did not ignore it. I went privately to my pastoral staff and explained that I believed that God was positioning us, as a church, to come under a spiritual umbrella. Without my mentioning DOVE, our Administrative Pastor said, “I believe we should come under DOVE International.” What a confirmation!

The next day we searched for information on DOVE International and contacted Ron Myer. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, we as a team of elders were able to impart this understanding into the congregation and receive general consensus. After a one-year engagement, we joyfully became a partner church in the DOVE International family. We are so blessed to now have a spiritual umbrella—a mother and father.

Abundant Harvest Church is no longer an island but a part of a family of churches that strengthen and encourage one another. We are a healthy and vibrant congregation of believers worshiping and serving His purposes in the earth.

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