by Larry Kreider

  1. Honor the LORD and His presence by continually looking to Christ in our midst for discernment and decision-making.
  2. Honor the God-given vision, biblical values, and the mission of the local church.
  3. Honor the leadership of our family of churches.
  4. Honor the present senior leader.
  5. Honor the new senior leader.
  6. Honor the elders and the leaders of the church in the process.
  7. Honor the members of the church body in the process.
  8. Honor the process of leadership succession.

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About Larry Kreider

Larry has spent the past four decades training leaders to make disciples with the small group concept. Larry serves as the international director of DOVE International, a worldwide network of over 1,000 churches in 26 nations. Larry has written more than 40 books and travels extensively teaching and imparting practical discipleship to leaders globally. Read about Larry or catch up on Larry’s blog.