By Keith Yoder

Markers of readiness for succession in emerging leaders with desired indicators of actions, decisions and behavior include the following:

  • Demonstrates consistent and constant strong character and integrity under pressure
  • Articulates and honors enduring values of the organization and the movement
  • Teachable, curious and devoted to quick and continual learning
  • Identifies, assesses, understands, and effectively works through his or her own emotions as well as the emotions of others: that is, displays healthy emotional intelligence
  • Works heartily for God without desiring to be noticed by people
  • Connects with a diverse group to work on complex issues
  • Focuses on others in teamwork, achieving goals together, and developing others
  • Shapes the environment and advances the mission of the organization in specific responsibilities throughout the organization
  • Views actions and decisions in a broader context inside and outside of the organization
  • Demonstrates solid thinking skills by taking what is seen in the “big picture,” what has been learned intellectually, experientially, and biblically and applying it to practical and actionable plans; thinks ahead
  • Demonstrates “business savvy” by seeing the total picture of the organization, how the various parts need to come together to accomplish the mission and the financial objectives of the organization
  • Biased toward action by knowing when to stop planning and to start implementing

For more descriptions on many of the above readiness factors, see Russ Crosson. What Makes a Leader Great, Harvest House, 2014.

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About Keith Yoder

Keith’s mission is to help others clarify their personal identity and empower them to fulfill their role in God’s Kingdom. He is the founder of Teaching the Word Ministries, a service to leaders in Christian ministries, congregations and the marketplace. Keith holds a Doctorate of Education in educational leadership from the University of Pennsylvania.