By Keith Yoder

Here is a list of markers indicating when it is time for leaders to move on or transition from their current role. Not all indicators necessarily apply to each leader or transition.

  • Continual sense of satisfaction, stimulating challenge or reward is diminishing or diminished.
  • Sustaining physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy is fading; a sense that the grace for your role is lifting.
  • Passion for your particular ministry, role or sphere of leadership is evaporating or gone.
  • Heart for the people that you oversee, lead or minister to, is shifting or beginning to wane.
  • Your individual vision, call, values or priorities no longer align with those of the leadership.
  • Envisioning, ideation for the future is difficult to arouse or is absent.
  • A sense that your mission is complete; you have effected all the change you can.
  • Call seems to be lifting.
  • Major milestones previously considered are nearing, have arrived or have been achieved, such as age, stage in life, goals, levels of accomplishment, time frame, etc.
  • An internal shift or growing expectancy of new areas of focus is beginning to emerge.
  • A growing restlessness has developed. You’ve envisioned yourself serving in another capacity or in a specialized area of ministry; perhaps there is no other role in the church or ministry that fits.
  • Excitedly looking forward to the next season, specific areas of opportunity or a completely new challenge to tackle–but uncertainty of how to proceed stymies you.
  • You have developed a strong leadership team, or a member of your team is nearly ready, or could be ready now if needed to assume your role or position.
  • A word from God, leanings or considerable impression upon your heart that it’s time for a significant change to occur.

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About Keith Yoder

Keith’s mission is to help others clarify their personal identity and empower them to fulfill their role in God’s Kingdom. He is the founder of Teaching the Word Ministries, a service to leaders in Christian ministries, congregations and the marketplace. Keith holds a Doctorate of Education in educational leadership from the University of Pennsylvania.