A word from God can change your life forever. But, let’s face it, at times we may feel as if He has stopped speaking. We are not alone in experiencing God’s silence. Think of Joseph, whose story is told in the book of Genesis. Not only did God seem silent when Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. Later, Joseph was placed in jail after his boss’s wife lied and falsely accused him. As if that wasn’t bad enough, another person who promised to be Joseph’s advocate forgot about him. Where was God? Why didn’t God intervene? Why did God seem so silent in response to Joseph’s pleas?

In retrospect, was God silent? Or, was God silently at work below the surface of Joseph’s life? Did God choose to ignore Joseph’s initial discomforts in order to prepare him for a much greater future?

Today we can read the ending of Joseph’s story in the Bible. We can clearly discern that during Joseph’s season of silence, God was actually preparing him to become second in command of the entire Egyptian Empire and to spare his own family from starvation. But Joseph did not know that at the time. Instead, he had to learn to live in faith and expectancy during the dark times.

Remember, when God seems silent, He is building a foundation in our lives beneath the surface to prepare us for our future. When it is difficult to hear God’s voice, don’t give up. Press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of you (Philippians 3:12).

Jesus has taken hold of you and has some amazing things planned for your future. Embrace Him who is silently at work preparing you for what is ahead.