Jesus once said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Luke 12:34).” True followers of Jesus find their interests change from selfish longings to desires given to them by the Lord. Earthly treasure no longer holds us in its grip because we are no longer enslaved to it. We surrender to God all in this world that prevents us from putting God first in our lives. This includes every material, physical and emotional attachment we have to this world. We give God our wallets, savings, homes, families, jobs, hopes, pleasures, past, present, future—everything!
What happens then? When we are willing to lay it all down, we discover that God entrusts it back to us. He says, “I’ll give you back your home and family and money, but whenever I want them, you must give them to me. They all belong to me.” That is what it means to give everything to Jesus. We then realize that we are managers of these things instead of owners. He is the owner!
My family belongs to Jesus. My bank account belongs to Jesus. My house belongs to Jesus. My car belongs to Jesus. I remember the story during the Argentine revival when Christians sold their homes, cars and other possessions and gave them to the church. The church gave them back and said, “These all belong to Jesus, use them to serve Him. When someone needs a house to stay in or a ride in a car, we will contact you.” That’s what it means to give it all to God.