Joyce Meyer once said, “Sometimes the only way to discover God’s will is to practice what I call ‘stepping out and finding out.’ If I have prayed about a situation and don’t seem to know what I should do, I take a step of faith. . . . Some doors will never open unless we take a step toward them.” In the book of Acts, Paul and Silas did not sit and wait for an angel to appear or a vision to be given while praying for direction. They took steps in the direction they felt was correct. Many times God did open the door, but there were times when He closed the door. This did not discourage them. They were not afraid of “missing God.” The bible tells us ,“we know in part… and we see through a glass darkly (I Cor. 13:9 &12).” Paul received a vision from God after they took steps of faith (Act 16:6-10). They were willing to take a risk. What step of faith is the Lord encouraging you to take today?