Life comes in seasons. And some seasons are very difficult. There can be seasons of pain and broken relationships, seasons of struggle and unemployment, and seasons of loneliness. Yet at other times, there are seasons of prosperity, seasons of blessing, seasons of healing, and seasons of healthy relationships.

Good seasons come and go, as do hard seasons. Hard seasons do not last forever. Change is always on its way. Like a coin with two sides, life has a way of changing from one side of the coin to another. Even Jesus himself experienced seasons when “for the joy set before him” he endured the cross (Heb. 12: 2). He was willing to walk through a very difficult season because he was completely convinced that a new joy-filled season was ahead.

If you are going through a hard season, perhaps heart-broken due to a failed relationship, or living with unmet expectations or pain, you must know that this season will not last forever…there is a new season coming for you.